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Check Out My FAQs

How many dogs can you walk at once?

We walk our dogs in groups, all groups are based on the needs of its members, our currant groups range from 5 to 10 dogs.

How do you vet your dogs before they join you for walks?

We carry out a meet and greet with all perspective customers. During this meet and greet we enter the dogs home and go with a walk with the customer and their dog usually bringing a dog along from the group they will join.
This allows use to see the interaction of the two dogs as well as any potential problems that can occurring if we feel another dogs health is at risk the new dog does not join 4 Paws Walks.

What are your prices?

Our prices are kept off our website and social media as 1 price for all does not suit everyone's needs. We will happily inform all enquiring customers of the prices due to their needs and requests.

What does it mean by boarding but unlicensed?

By law from the beginning of 2019 all dog boarding and fixed location doggy day cares require a licence to run their business.

We are in the process of getting one.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Can you take them?

We do not take bookings for vet trips as that requires a pet taxi licence. 

However if we have a pet that is directly under our control we will take it to the vets.

Do you leave dogs in your vans?

We do require to leave dogs in our vans to collect others dogs for the same walk.

Our vans are fitted with fans for the summer and the doors are locked open to allow fresh circulated air to travel in and out of the van.

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